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 Shalinee Laval

Je commence par tracer l'esquise de mon dessin sur un papier Canson de 120 grammes. Tous mes dessins sont uniques et tracés à main levée, sauf lorsque j'ai besoin d'exactitude géométrique, auquel cas j'utiliserai l'assistance du logitiel Illustrator. Une fois mon dessin terminé, je procèderai à la découpe, avec un scalpel. Le découpage obtenu sera positionné dans un cadre spécial : le découpage est incéré entre 2 plaques de verres, elles-même maintenues à 3cm de la planche du fond, afin que l'ombre du découpage puisse se projeter sur l'arrière plan. 

Chacune de mes oeuvres est encadrée. Vous pouvez me contacter si vous désirez que je personalise leur taille ou leur couleur en fonction de vos besoins. Le prix dépendra du niveau de détail et de la taille de l'oeuvre.   

I draw the design on a special acid-free, cotton rag Canson paper that is 120 gms thick. I hand draw most of my art, except if I need geometrical precision where I use Illustrator to help me. I cut the design with my scalpel, and then frame the papercut in a shadow box frame. There is a gap of about 3 cms between the actual papercut and the back of the frame that allows the shadows to fall behind.

Each of the artwork below is framed. However, you can contact me if you wish to have the design in a frame of different dimensions, smaller or bigger. The price is determined on the level of intricacy, and the size of the art.

Les chats et autres animaux /

Cats and other creatures

A lot of my artwork revolves around cats and other animals, so I have created this separate section so we can enjoy them. My animal characters embody the same spirit of my work which is humour, fun, curiosity and the love for Nature and for themselves. Being a cat lover myself, I have plenty of work around them. Enjoy!

Les chats Parisiens / The cats of Paris

The cats of Paris are full of character, just like the magnificent city itself!

Dimensions : 50 x 60 cms

Prix : 200 Euros (includes the framing charges)

lets chats sur etageres / Cats on shelves

These cats are creating havoc on the shelves! Plenty of pretty floral details to look at as well as the cats themselves. How many cats are there exactly?!
Dimensions : 16 x 23 cms
Prix : 70 Euros (includes the framing charges) ( 10 Euros charged extra for painting the frame)

Coffee cat

A cup of coffee in the mornings is always a good idea! 

Dimensions : 20 x 20 cms

Prix : 45 Euros

les oiseaux / busy birds

A picture that is full of harmony.. busy birds going about doing their stuff early in the morning. 

Dimensions : 16 x 23 cms

Prix : 60 Euros


A sweet image for kitty and Nature lovers. The birds sitting on the tree are enjoying the quiet moment that this kitty seems to have.

Dimensions : 16 x 23 cms

Prix : 60 Euros

Strange Encounters

Sometimes you encounter magical creatures in the deep ocean, and sometimes high up in space. Surreal yet beautiful..

Dimensions : 24 x 30 cms

Prix : 160  Euros (includes the framing charges)

Yoga CAT

This kitty loves keeping fit inside and out.

Dimensions : 20 x 20 cms

Prix : 45 Euros

Red Riding piggy

Here is a fun little piece I did inspired from the childrens story Red Riding Hood. A little cute piggy wearing a red hood is having a lot of fun using her bike to go visit her Grandma. 

Dimensions : 16 x 23 cms

Prix: 55 Euros


Reader is definitely for the birds who love to read :)

Dimensions : 30 x 30 cms

Prix: 60 Euros

Spring Elephant

A skipping elephant rejoices the season of Spring.

Dimensions : 12 x 16 cms

Prix : 45 Euros

Sitar Elephant

Beautiful notes of the sitar being played by an expert sitar player.

Dimensions : 12 x 16 cms

Prix : 45 Euros

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